Terms and Conditions of Use

Rhino 4x4 Terms and Conditions

By paying this or part of this invoice you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions as well as those listed on our website. The following terms and conditions supersede any previous terms and conditions between the customer (you) and Rhino 4x4 (Rhino 4x4 or we). Rhino 4x4 reserves the right to make changes to the website (www.rhino4x4.com.au) and these terms and conditions at any time.


  1. Paying all or part of this invoice means you agree that the above invoice is true and correct
  2. Dispatch estimates are provided in the "notes" section at the bottom and are accurate at the time of order, email notifications will be sent providing updates as they come to hand.
  3. If any items from your order cannot be fulfilled we will contact you via email.


  1. If an item is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information, Rhino 4x4 reserves the right to withdraw an item from sale, and to refuse or cancel orders.


  1. Rhino 4x4 reserves the right to change any or all of shipping rates charged to any destination; delivery method; and carrier or shipping provider at any time.
  2. Rhino 4x4 will not be held responsible if there is a delay in delivery of goods or return of goods.
  3. Delays in delivery can be followed up by contacting the freight provider directly.
  4. Rhino 4x4 have no responsibility for products once they leave Rhino 4x4 premises when customer arranges own freight.
  5. By signing for freight you are agreeing that goods received are not damaged and in working order
  6. It is the responsibility of the receiver to check packaging for damage and/or missing parts within 2 business days of receiving the goods.


  1. On receiving an order, you are responsible for inspecting the goods for fault or damage within 2 business days of receiving.
  2. Should the items ordered not be of acceptable quality, it is your responsibility to notify Rhino 4x4 or where you purchased from as soon as possible. In this event, contact us on sales@rhino4x4.com.au or 1300 885 841.
  3. Colour coded products will be sprayed to the colour name, colour code or VIN provided - For colour coded products, Rhino 4x4 utilises one of the finest paint systems available. However, with modern colours, and bearing in mind we are working to a colour code formula supplied by the paint company, due to possible variations in factory applied paint colours on your vehicle, we are unable to guarantee a 100% match.
  4. Please note photos on website are for demonstration purposes only, products received may be different in look, style or colour.


  1. Our returns, exchanges, and warranty policy can be found on our website or visiting: https://www.rhino4x4.com.au/content/9-guarantees-warranties-and-refunds
  2. It is your responsibility to return the goods at your own expense when goods are not faulty.
  3. Rhino 4x4 will not be responsible if your return is lost in transit back to Rhino 4x4. Therefore we recommend that you send all returns by traceable post.
  4. A 10%-25% handling, repackaging and processing charge may be applied to all credits depending on the nature of the goods.
  5. Acceptance of the goods means the acceptance of these conditions.


  1. Please note that in some cases, it may be necessary to remove parts from your vehicle in order to carry out the fitment of replacement parts and accessories.
  2. In most cases, removal of these parts unavoidably destroys them and renders them unsuitable for re-use.
  3. We are sorry but we are unable to store such parts on your behalf. If you wish to retain these parts, please inform us prior to the commencement of any work being carried out on your vehicle.
  4. Please bear in mind that in most cases the removed parts are not suitable for transport inside your vehicle due to their size, nature and condition. Their loading and transport will be your responsibility in such circumstances.
  5. Original parts removed from your vehicle to allow for installation of replacement parts and accessories are disposed of on the same day as installation.
  6. Standard installation quoted on front bars includes standard bar install and connection of fog lights to existing fog light wiring, and mounting of a light mounting bar (optional).
  7. Standard installation is based on vehicle being in factory condition. Vehicles with other aftermarket bull bars, nudge bars and accessories may incur higher labour fees to remove.
  8. Winch installation, fog light wiring where there was no existing fog lights, driving light installation and the installation of any other purchased or customer supplied aftermarket accessories will be charged at an hourly labour rate.
  9. If customer chooses to self install, or have products fitted at a non-accredited Rhino 4x4 Re-Seller, Rhino 4x4 will have no responsibility to any damage caused to vehicle during installation.
  10. If customer chooses to self install products it is their responsibility to decide if they have the mechanical experience and capability to perform the installation safely, and correctly and accept responsibility for any damage to vehicle.


Title to the Goods will not pass to Buyer until:

  1. RHINO 4X4 Pty. Ltd. being paid in full under all Contracts;

Until title to the Goods passes to Buyer, 

  1. Buyer must:
    (a) hold the Goods as bailed for RHINO 4X4 Pty. Ltd. and keep them in good order and condition;
    (b) not remove any markings placed by RHINO 4X4 Pty. Ltd. and ensure that the Goods can be readily identified and distinguished from other property in Buyers possession; and
    (c) deliver the Goods to RHINO 4X4 Pty. Ltd. immediately upon demand and, for this purpose, RHINO 4X4 Pty. Ltd. is authorized to enter at any time any premises on which the Goods may be located (the costs incidental to which will be borne by Buyer


To make sure you get many years of pleasure from your Rhino 4x4 Products, there are a few points we wish to address regarding chrome plating, and other surface finishes on our products which make up the care and maintenance of our products.

Wash exactly as you would your cars bodywork, its simple:-

1. Fine spray rinse surface off with water.

2. Mix car shampoo wash & wax with water in a bucket and wash products with sponge.

3. Rinse off parts with water.

4. If products are still dirt/brake dust stained use a chrome only cleaner. Simply spray it on to the chrome surface, lightly scrub with a sponge if required, hose it off.

5. Once dry use a car wax to add a protective layer. Wax helps to protect the chrome finish by adding a protective layer. Dirt and brake dust will stick to this rather than the chrome finish. Making cleaning a lot easier.

It is best to wash/maintain your Rhino 4x4 products once a week to help stop brake dust and dirt being ground-on. If you ignore cleaning and maintaining your products brake dust, salt and dirt will pit the finish, as moisture in the climate will react with the chrome plating and other surface finishes.

Do not use car washes, the detergents used could damage the chrome finish, or the chrome finish could get scratched as well as other surface finishes on our products. Don't use any wheel dirt/brake dust cleaners than can't be used on chromed parts or powder coated parts, the acid content could effect the finish, we only recommend what is listed above.

Part of the maintenance of our products includes making sure there is no exposed metal and try to spray paint any exposed under body areas or areas that have suffered stone chips. Common areas for this are the recovery points of our bars. When you are out on the beach, avoid driving in salt water conditions. Try to only drive in fresh water areas and move further up the beach in order to cross in a fresh water area. After you have finished your beach trip, as soon as possible you must get under the vehicle with a high pressure hose. This is very important for rust prevention. Make sure you hose as much of the under body of the vehicle as possible and any other parts. Be sure to hose areas such as the suspension, body mounts and chassis rails as well as under the engine and drive train. Remove as much sand as possible as any sand left stuck to the car will cause rust.

Last amended: 11 May 2020